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Aerial Circus Training and Safety Manual (Spiral-bound)
by Carrie Heller

Carrie Heller's Aerial Circus Training and Safety Manual gives the reader complete information on teaching and learning trapeze, rings, tissue, and web work. The step-by-step information is accompanied by over 1,000 how-to photos, as well as safety information and procedures. Heller has assembled information for circus performers and those who have always wondered exactly how "they do that." Few books outline the information available in the Aerial Circus Training and Safety Manual.

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"Learning to Fly; Trapeze reflections on Fear, Trust and the Joy of Letting Go"
1999 Sam Keen, 

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An excellent book describing the emotional & physical benefits of flying trapeze. Sam is a word wizard that can paint a picture in your mind. He can describe in words the feelings you get when flying. The words that leave you stumbling trying to describe to your friends what it's all about. 

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Offstage with the Cirque du Soleil,  Mark Schreiber. Canal House (1329 Cherry Way Dr., Columbus, Ohio 43230), $19.95 (318p) ISBN 0-9754664-0-2 "Circus is family.... Do you understand?
Every circus begins with a family": these words by solo trapeze artist Olga Sidorova are dramatically illuminated by Schreiber's portrait of the artists who perform in Cirque du Soleil's Saltimbanco.

A serendipitous meeting with Sidorova at an Amsterdam nightclub drew the author, a novelist (Princes in Exile), into an intriguing world of acrobats, Olympic gymnasts, jugglers, mimes and aerial artists. 
He immersed himself in that world for a year.
The Cirque, founded in 1984 with headquarters in Montreal, is famed for dazzling productions that creatively employ circus arts mixed with theater, dance, music, sound and costumes.
Although Schreiber was refused permission to speak with troupe members backstage (he did meet with them outside the hightop), he was assisted by his deepening friendship with Sidorova while following Saltimbanco to Barcelona, Vienna and Brussels.  Schreiber provides a wealth of perceptive portraits, but his eloquent evocation of Sidorova is the heart and soul of this account. Sidorova fled her childhood home in Siberia at the age of 14, determined to realize her dream of becoming a trapeze artist.  After some very rough spots, she trained with several excellent aerial coaches before finally joining the Cirque. Here she emerges as a woman who has achieved success in a highly dangerous profession by grit and grace.
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Cirque Du Soleil : 20 Years Under the Sun -
An Authorized History

by Tony Babinski


Cirque du Soleil has become an international theatrical sensation, having thrilled the imaginations of more than 40 million people with its innovative circus experience. In 20 years, Cirque du Soleil skyrocketed from a troupe on the streets of Montreal known as "The High Heels Club" to a circus extravaganza involving 2,400 employees worldwide and some 500 artists performing in more than 130 cities around the globe in active productions that are both on tour and permanently on view in Las Vegas and Orlando.

With unprecedented access to Cirque du Soleil members in the telling of their story-including its founder, Guy Laliberté-Cirque du Soleil: 20 Years Under the Sun is the first retrospective to chart the history of this extraordinary cultural phenomenon from its humble origins to its remarkable international success. With 300-plus full-color illustrations that feature all of the company's dazzling productions-among them Saltimbanco, Mystère, Varekai, and "O"-this exceptional volume captures Cirque's magic on the printed page with the visual brio for which the company is widely renowned. The release of this book is set to coincide with Cirque du Soleil's 20th anniversary. AUTHOR BIO: Tony Babinski is a writer, filmmaker, and musician based in Montreal. From 1994 to 2000 he coproduced, cowrote, and scored a series of award-winning experimental films. Kristian Manchester, also based in Montreal, is an art director with the Diesel design firm.
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See also many other Cirque Du Soleil videos and books available on Amazon, just click here.

                       Video      Trapeze (1956)  VHS
Starring: Burt Lancaster, Tony Curtis
A Moody love triangle with a European circus background; aerialist Lancaster and Curtis vie in the air and on the ground for Gina's attention. Nice aerial stunt-work by various big top professionals. CinemaScope.
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Out of Print

"The ABC's of Trapeze"  Tony Steele, 

This book has info and photos about Tony Steele, but it's main focus is on Flying Trapeze maneuvers & tricks with diagrams and detailed instruction on how each is done. From beginners & basic swing to advanced tricks.


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Surprised by Hope
by Vickie Baker (Paperback)

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(Webmaster comment: Vickie, an old friend of mine, started her trapeze experience with our club here in Denver and went professional.  She loved adventure sports and was very active.  Skydiving, Hang Gliding, Hot Air Ballooning were among some. Her trapeze career ended with an unfortunate trapeze accident.  )



"A Reckless Era of Aerial Performance, The Evolution of Trapeze 1994, Steve Gossard, 10 Siesta Court,  Bloomington, Illinois 61704 

"Born to Fly: The story of Tito Gaona"  1994  Tito Gaona with Harry L. Graham, Words & Pictures Press, P.O. Box 6623, Orange, Ca 92613 



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Born to Fly by Evans, Sara (Audio CD - Oct 10, 2000)

Nice cover song 'born to fly', would make good sound track to acts and video

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"The Biggest Trick: Miguel Vasquez' Quadruple Somersault" 
Harry L. Graham, 425 N. Fern Street, Orange, CA 92867.

THE MODERN GYMNAST: Being Practical Instructions on the Horizontal Bar, Parallel Bars, Vaulting Horse, Flying Trapeze, Etc. Etc. Etc.. by Spencer, Charles.
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Essential Guide to Stretching
Chrissie Gallagher-Mundy (aerialist, Trapeze flyer),

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 Is a comprehensive study of the circus training programs that have emerged in the last 25 years. Programs help at-risk youth develop good work habits and self-esteem. Curricular and extracurricular programs provide non-competitive physical activity that adapts to the needs of all children. Academic programs produce professional performers. Photos. Geographically arranged Resource Guide. 288 page trade paperback. More than 50 illustrations
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"Comprehensive in scope, Circus for Everyone is a valuable resource for anyone involved in teaching or learning circus skills. Its Resource Guide is an indispensable resource for the kind of future communication between schools and teachers that it will certainly inspire." Ernest Albrecht, author "New American Circus’; Editor-Publisher, ‘Spectacle.’

"All over the world people have been waiting for this book. More and more young people are looking for a way to train themselves in a rigorous, disciplined and creative way. Robert Sugarman, in a staggering feat of research has chronicled hundreds of CIRCUS OPPORTUNITIES! Here are the names, places and telephone numbers where your dreams can come true." Reg Bolton, author, "Circus in a Suitcase"; director, Suitcase Circus, West Australia.


The Circus Age: Culture and Society under the American Big Top (Paperback)
by Janet M. Davis

The sight of trains pulling in and circus tents being set up was the highlight of the year for many American towns at the turn of the century; schools and stores closed and everyday life stood still. In 1903, 98 circuses and menageries the highest number in U.S. history traveled the nation. In this fascinating, provocative history of a democratic form of public entertainment, Davis, an American studies professor at the University of Texas at Austin, elucidates the enormous cultural impact of the railroad circus and how it became a "powerful cultural icon" and a concrete representation "of racial diversity, gender difference, bodily variety, animalized human beings, and humanized animals" as well as a "celebration of America's emerging role as a global power." Davis presents her theoretical material carefully, but the profuse illustrations of her theses make the book compulsively readable.

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Circus Smirkus : A True Story of High Adventure & Low Comedy
by Rob Mermin, Lori Ingraham (Illustrator)
The Best Kind of Adventure, March 9, 2001
Rob Mermin turned his dream into an real-life adventure, then made it possible for a lot of kids to do the same. Circus Smirkus, the circus, is a touring YOUTH circus - the stars are all teenagers who get to spend an entire summer training and peforming with circus professionals from around the world. It's a very exciting, very professional company, who perform in a real European style Big Top. The kids get totally immersed in Circus life, almost like being part of a traditional old circus family. Circus Smirkus, the book, is a fascinating description of why and how Mermin founded this amazing company, and what it's like to become a part of it. It's full of interesting anecdotes about Mermin's own circus adventures, portrays the Circus Smirkus philosophy, highlights some of the kids who've been Smirkus Troupers, and introduces some very intriguing circus stars who share Mermin's vision. It would be nice if the photos had been in color, but there are lots of them. It would be nice if the book continued past the first ten years (I certainly hope they update it soon). But it's a wonderful read for anyone interested in the circus, in successful youth programs, or simply in reading about people who share their vision, talent, and adventures freely with the rest of us. I wish something like this had been around when I was a kid!
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"It is a must buy for anyone interested in learning about fire eating." --Cody Fisher, Magician and MUM columnist

"The Professional's Guide to Fire Eating puts all other books Ive seen on the subject to shame!" --C.J. Johnson, Magician and Hypnotist



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This much needed manual deals with a subject about which very little has been written. The author is a practitioner of fire eating, and many other professionals were consulted for additional information. The book covers safety, fuels and equipment. It also illustrates numerous stunts: fire on tongue, "teething," human torch, blasts and more. Please, for serious adult professionals only.

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Juggling for the Complete KLUTZ


This book makes it so simple even I was able to learn the basics and I was a  "THE"  KLUTZ when it came to Juggling.

Comes with the 3 soft juggle bean bags to make it
extra easy to learn.



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Book Description
Have you always wanted to juggle but never thought you could learn how? Now you can with Juggling and the help of the famous Finnigan family. Dave, Dorothy, and Ben explain and demonstrate their techniques and secret tricks to develop juggling ability.

The most fun and instructive guide to be published on the topic, Juggling progresses from basic skills for newcomers to more advanced techniques for experienced jugglers. Specifically, the book will help you learn these skills:

• Scarf juggling • Three-ball juggling • Four- and Five-ball juggling • Ring juggling • Club juggling • Devil sticks • Diabolos • Plate spinning • Ball spinning • Box spinning • Hat spinning

More than 250 photos show the proper techniques, individual and partner juggling, and fun-filled juggling games. You’ll soon be performing skills you never thought were possible.

Juggling provides you with the extensive juggling knowledge of the Finnigan family, who has traveled worldwide teaching juggling to more than one million people. Now, with the help of Juggling, you can learn all the tricks of the trade in the comfort of your own home—and soon be entertaining friends and family with your amazing new talent.

About the Author
Dave, Dorothy, and Ben are father, daughter, and son in the famous juggling Finnigan family. All are amazingly talented at juggling, and all have performed their craft before audiences throughout the country.

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