(add links to IE & Netscape downloads)

AOL Users, If you experience problems

If you're using AOL's web browser you probably don't have the latest release of the AOL software and are not seeing our website at its best. That's because I designed the pages to work with best with Netscape and Internet Explorer, the most advanced browsers available. AOL's old web browser doesn't support the newest HTML tags, and causes features of this site to not function.

The new versions of AOL software offers an improved web browser that can display Netscape 2.0 compatible pages. For a PC, you'll need version 3.0 of the AOL software; for a Macintosh, you'll need version 2.7.

Details about how to download this software are available on AOL. Here's how to reach them:

* From AOL's GoTo menu, choose Keyword . . .

* A window will appear. Type "upgrade" into the text-entry box, and click on the search button.

* AOL will give you full details on how to upgrade.

America On Line's default web browser leaves much to be desired.

However, you can obtain either Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Explorer and use them for your browser while on line with AOL... then you will be able to enjoy all of the many features of the web such as animations, music and Java scripted pages just to name a few. Once you have downloaded one of these browsers (we recommend Netscape), and have installed in on your system according to the simple instructions, getting it to run from AOL is pretty easy.

Once again AOL has shorted it's users by not giving good instructions on how this is done so we've outlined the steps to success as follows:

(1) Log on to AOL and select the Members option.

(2) Select Preferences.

(3) From the preference menu choose WWW

(4) Then select Helper Applications

(5) Hi-light and double click on HTML Text Files (*.htm)

(6) Select Use a Separate Application and enter the full path to your new browser

(7) Go back to WWW Preferences and Dump Cache.

That's all there is to it!!! The next time you visit your favorite Web Site.. you will do so in your new browser so get ready for some new sights and sounds. Depending on the browser you chose you can add extra goodies (plug-ins) to enhance your web surfing even more.

AOL has the wierd habit when a new browser is installed to try to (at first) find the URL in it's download directory... don't let it worry you. After you get all set up, come back and visit us and let us know how you like your new web experience.