Button Clip Usage.
It seems that people sometimes put their fingers in harms way by NOT wearing gloves or
not being careful when pushing snap button and inserting leg section. ( me included, OUCH )

First of all, gloves are Highly recommended.

I thought I would try something. I made a clip that holds down the button (instead of your finger ) while you slide in the leg section.
this is a U shaped piece of metal that will hold the button down while inserting a leg section.

Currently I paint the YELLOW so they are easy to find in your hardware box.

   Slide the clip over the button so that it holds the button down,

then remove fingers.

    Line up the button (which is hidden  under the button clip ) so that it is in line with the button hole
in the previous leg section.  slide the leg section on, which slides the button into the previous leg section and slides
 the button clip down out of the way.

   Before lowering all the weight down on the leg section just put on,
While button clip is still lose and easily removed. Pull the button clip out and insert the leg section fully.