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1. Do I need to buy chain or any hardware for the rig or for the feet?
        NO, all hardware comes with the rig:    chain/straps, wrench, snaps, pins, Spare set-screws

2. Do I have to use the Chain/Straps?
       YES, they prevent the feet from spreading outward during the vibration and bouncing of doing a performance.
                However, on dirt or grass you can use spikes through the holes in the feet instead.
                Just make sure the spikes are strong and at least 6" long.

3. Can it be set up on grass, Sand?
       YES, on dirt or grass you can also skip using the chain and instead put spikes through hole in foot.
                The spikes or chain prevent the feet from spreading outward during the vibration and bouncing of doing a performance.
                 On SAND, use a 2ft x 2ft Thick Plywood square under the feet so that rig will not sink into sand. You MUST use
                 the chain/straps on the feet.

4. Will it set up to a lower than the height I purchase?
       YES,  The height is determined by how many leg sections you choose to put on during the erecting,
                 and by the setting on the extension feet.  a 21 ft rig with extension feet can be set up from as low as 7ft high to 24 ft high.
                 with about 20 different height configurations in between. The extension feet have 6 inch adjustments.

5. Can it be left outdoors for  extended time?
       YES,   The rigs are painted with Powder Coat paint which is tougher that spray paint,
                   Consider that your car, bridges etc, made of steel and stay outside for a very long time.
                  The eyebolts are hardened and galvanized, The screws and nuts welded to the legs are Stainless Steel.
                  I have had a rig outdoors for 2 years straight in Colorado winters in snow,
                  That rig did not even have the stainless steel screws and nuts.
                 There was minimal corrosion and the non-stainless steel screws
                  and nuts were not rusted but only had a  rust discoloration and squeaked when being removed.

            You still need to take care of the rig, inspect for damages, etc.


        The TOP rail of this trailer is made of the same steel that the rig is made of. Same wall thickness.
        It is only painted with a spray can, most of which has scrapped off years ago.
        This trailer with this top rail has been sitting outside for over 25 years.
         I still carry loads of steel on it. I has a little rust discoloration, but no actual rust corrosion.

6. What is the FOOTPRINT of rig on the ground?
        See the specifications page: http://damnhot.com/trapeze/aerial_rig_specifications.html
        Basically, the distance from foot to foot is approx. the same as the rig height.
        A rig set up to 21 ft high has a footprint close to 19' x 21'

7.    I  Lost my Set screws, What size are they, where can I get them
       They are Stainless Steel  1/2-13  x 5/8 long.      Usually about     $0.75- $1
        Most real Hardware stores carry them, Lowe's might, Home Depot does NOT.
        If you can't find any, I can send them to you. They are 75 cents each plus shipping.

8.    My older rig does not have the snap buttons, Can I add them?
       Yes, Here is a guide on drilling the rig legs and the header to locate the holes for the snap buttons.
        SNAP BUTTON UPGRADE instructions.