LARGE Tri-Pod Header assembly

The large tri-pod header is made to break-down for easy transport.
THIS requires a MANDATORY assembly step that if skipped can be catastrophic.

The 2 parts of the header are joined and secured by 2 set screws to take out any slack between the 2 sections.
The nature of aerial performances cause a lot of vibrations, wiggle and shaking of the entire rig.
All this shaking is focused on the header.

On a QUAD header, all forces are downward and gravity holds the parts together and the screws and pins just make for nice tight fits.

BUT, on the tripod header, the header parts slide together horizontally and gravity has nothing to do with holding it together.
therefore the 2 screws in the header assembly and MOST IMPORTANTLY, the spring PINS.

Without the spring pins,
the vibrations could loosen the screws and the header parts could
slide apart and cause the entire rig to come apart and fall.



This new LARGE tri-pod has much more room at the top for performers.
Other large tri-pod tops like this are very difficult to transport and usually will not fit in a car.


My tri-pod top disassembles into two parts.
Therefore extra precautions are needed.

  The 2 parts slide together. Notice the temporary placement of the
gold colored spring pin.
I suggest that you always store this pin in this location while rig is not in use, so that you will NOT forget to use it next time you assemble the tri-pod header. Failure to use this pin can be and most likely will be catastrophic.

Now that the 2 parts are fully slid together.
Tighten the BOTH set screws to be snug, this settles the inner part to be nicely inside the other part, and straight.
then tighten the two screws more so as to be very secure.

NOW, insert the PIN.