Older rigs with 2 set screws on the leg sections.


   Firming up one screw first, and then backing it off a bit pushes the tube against the opposing side tube wall but lose enough to let it slide a bit when the other set screw is snug-ed up the same way.
The when both are snug, the set screws are firmly tightened.
Now the tu
be is tightly against the opposing tube walls and tight.

Please follow the sequence below.

Firmly snug up the 1st set screw, then back off on screw by 1/2 turn.

Proceed to other set screw on the junction and firmly snug it up then back off screw by 1/2 turn.

Go back to 1st screw and tighten thoroughly,

Then go to 2nd screw and tighten it thoroughly.
This sequence insures that each segment seats itself nicely and squarely inside each tube
taking up the side to side slack caused by gap between tubes.
This sequence will be used at ALL junctions with set screws.