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                    Powder coat availability.         

ALL rigs are painted with Powder Coat
Powder coat tends to be much tougher than ordinary spray on paints.

The stock color is BLACK.
we usually keep several Black rigs in stock for quicker delivery.

There is NO extra charge for any of the Custom colors except for colors
 that require a spl UV protectant coat. See notes below.

Custom Colors are OK,
BUT, There is a issue with custom colors.
Caution about custom colors.
Custom colors are available on special request.
Highly advised against a non-stock color.
Note, if you order a NON-STOCK  custom color,
      There is no extra charge, BUT,  if in the future you need a few more parts or need a replacement for a damaged part.
      I would have to charge extra to cover the painting companies  minimum set-up charge of $95.
     Meaning, 1 little part like 1 leg section which normally costs about $10 to paint,  that needs custom paint would
            have to pay the full minimum paint charge.
    Likewise, if the order for more parts is big enough, like maybe 8 more leg section, 
     it might cover the minimum paint charge.

Custom colors also take about 2 extra weeks to get them out and painted.

Should you choose to go with a NON-stock color,
here are
Suggestions regarding paint choice

Suggested colors are the HAMMER-Tone finishes and some VEIN colors with Semi-Gloss.

Textured powder coats, like Hammer-Tone and Vein  tend to be a bit thicker,
and because of the texture, are less apt to show scratches and scuff marks.
The more gloss, the easier scratches are visible.
Dark colors show scratches easier, light colors show dirt easier.

Detailed info on the paints available.
Note that SOME of the color choices, mainly the METALLIC,  recommend a UV protectant Clear Coat.
     One exception is the Copper Vein which is a 'metallic' but has UV protection built in.

Paints requiring UV protective coat have an ' * ' on them
Some others with   '**'  are designated as interior only.

Also, To CONSIDER  if you want to use a darker the color.
Dark colors tend to retain heat. although they all get quite hot in the sun.
I suggest the you always carry with you a pair or two of non-slip type gloves for breakdown after a day in hot sun.

The local Painting company I use does not have all the colors in full color brochure in stock.
They stock approx. 2/3 of the available paints.
And most of the ones not stocked are the more exotic colors.
See brochure of ALL colors bellow

Color chart below shows  NON-stock color samples.
If you Must use NON stock Colors, here are Suggested 'non stock',  Use browser's ZOOM to see close up

 My local Powder Coat Painter's stock colors.
CLICK HERE for FULL Brochure of colors.



For the more exotic colors, the 2 coat paints for candy Apple, Sparkle etc.
These are all special order colors with special order costs, plus actual painting cost are double due to the double coats.
We would have to get quotes from the painting company for any of these.

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