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Bruises: When I started to do cloudswing I got really bad bruises on my thighs and backs of knees. My knees never bruise now; they bear some resemblance to pieces of leather. I occasionally still get bruises on my thighs. I can really recommend arnica cream for bruising, it's a homeopathic cream, though you shouldn't use it if the skin is broken. My osteopath once noticed bruising on my thighs when I was receiving treatment from him. He said if I continued to work on areas that were already bruised I needed to treat them and recommended massaging arnica cream into them. He said if you keep working on areas that are bruised and don't treat them, the muscles over time can become fibrous and lose their efficiency.

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Hand Rips - Treatment


If you do get a rip, I have found that Badger Balm is the best way to take care of it. It was created by a carpenter and is available at many health or outdoor rec stores. It comes in a round tin and has beeswax, olive oil and birch essence (a natural antiseptic). Clean the chalk, etc. out of the rip, dab a bit of Badger on the rip and cover for the night, then let it air out and dry before training. After training, re-apply and cover again. This way the edges of the rip don't get too hard, making them suseptible to tearing again, but the rip doesn't get so soft that you can't work with it.  
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Hand Rips - Prevention


Rotor Cuff Damage


Caused by over stressing or hyper extending the Rotor Cuff ligaments. Most often done while taking a hard beat for a rotating trick.
Take it easy for several weeks and see how it responds. If it doesn't get better right away it is important to take care of the more serious injury problem properly. Continued abuse will only make it worse and can end your flying career.
It could easily take 6 month to a year to cure.
See as sports doctor/Orthopedic clinic, most likely they will do Cortisone shots in the shoulder.
Lay off the flying for a while and do some weight workout with very low weights and lots of repetitions. This is to promote tissue growth and strength. There are some workouts specifically for rotor cuff working. See a trainer for information.
Tissue building food supplements / drugs can really help to strengthen the affected area if used in conjunction with a weight workout.  The drugs (steroids) were very effective for me but the doctors are extremely reluctant to prescribe them because of the abuse problem.

Temporary relief:  Take some anti-inflammatory tablets such as Ibuprofen, or some Naprosyn
Strength Conditioning Workouts