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Video Clip Library:    
             Of selected tricks 
Due to a flaw in 'Real Player' that results in only a small portion
of the beginning of MPG II files to be played. 
It is highly suggested that you use Windows Media player or
QuickTime to view these video clips


Basic swing 224K
Catchers lock  406K
Back-end splits  359K
Back-end Plauche (non catching) 217K
Half turn 198K
Layout (non catching)  239K

Cutaway (non catching)  242K
Suicide 251K
Front-end uprise 329K

( Some of  these videos were done at a lower than normal resolution so
that the file size will remain small for downloads.
Regular resolution videos would be 4 times as large.)

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These Videos may be saved to your own disk for personal use for training.
They may not be distributed or used on another web page or for any commercial use.

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