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The Ludwig Portable aerial rig



Due to extremely high volume of sales.
Delivery time is about 4-8 weeks.
 sorry for the inconveniance

Tim & Ludwig

Orders are being taken at http://www.VVOLFY.COM


 I ,Ludwig,  Have RETIRED,  I have sold the ' Ludwig's '  Aerial Rig business  to
 Tim   of   
VVolfymetalworks LLC.
 Tim is a master fabricator, certified welder and has been doing my most crucial welds for me for many      years. He has been a fabricator of Lyras and many very unique and awesome apparatus as well as Dance Stilts.
 I will remain in the loop with the business process and design of the aerial rigs to maintain a high quality  product..
 Thanks for your support and trust in me to provide a great aerial rig product.
 Now you can rely on Tim to provide you with the same great aerial rig product as well as various aerial apparatus.

Now,  A " VVOLFY Metal Works LLC" company
      Tim at 703-835-7155    Use TEXT, ( he mostly does not answer phone so many spam calls)      
E-mail      VVolfymetalworks@gmail.com   Denver Co.
      Note, that is two "V"s, "V V" not a "W"

   continuing to building the same great  portable aerial rigs that I have built Since 2001
 (  in emergency you can also contact Ludwig at   ludwig @ damnhot.com 303-880-0181
     I do not actually work on rigs anymore and do not work for Tim @ VVOLFY Metal Works 

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Aerial Performer Portable, Free-Standing Rig
            for Practice / Performance / Aerial Dance / Aerial Yoga

This aerial rig is NOT intended for Swinging ( small gentle swings OK)


Delivery time and Availability.


Click on photo for larger view

MY rig does not need guy wires or stakes into the ground as long as it is NOT used for swinging.
If you are in a HIGH wind area, it would be a good idea to use guy wires if rig is set up long term and un-attended.
Can be set up on pavement, asphalt , streets, indoors, Grass, Sand(with 2'x2'plywood foot pads) etc.

Can be set up to various height choices
Determined by how many leg section you chose to put on during set-up.
All rigs can be set up to its lowest height of about 7ft all the way

up to 20 ft high with extension feet fully extended, in 6" increments .
Meaning that, if you buy a 16-20 ft rig you can chose to set it up as low as 7-ft up to 20-ft .
The extension feet which have 6 inch increments,
There are a total of about 20 different height that the ONE rig can be set up too.

Quad rig:
Consisting of a 4 leg design with of 4ft header, up to  three  6ft leg sections per corner.
                 Comes with:  Adjustable extension feet,  straps with 4 clips, set screw, wrench,
                 and all hardware needed to set up.

Tripod rig:
Consisting of 3 leg design with up to three  6ft leg sections per corner.
                   Comes with:  Adjustable extension feet, chain or straps with 3 clips, set screws, wrench,
                   and all hardware needed to set up.
Note, since a TRI-POD only has 3 legs vs. 4 legs on a Quad,
a tri-pod rig can only handle 3/4 the load of a Quad rig.

Before you buy mine, or any one else's rig please check this out.
Aerial equipment and rigging FAQ.
                   I highly suggest that anyone into aerials or considering purchasing
                   rigging go to the following web page about rigging best practices.
                   Learn about rigging before you do it.

       http://community.simplycircus.com/tutorials/aerial/aerial_arts_faq.htm .
Also  for rigging math, load & shock calculations
Delbert Hall's web page http://www.d2flying.com/ certified ETCP rigger.

Consider attending a Rigging for Performers workshop
Presented by:
                Brett Copes: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Fight-or-Flight-Ent/136225323107160 or    
                 consider having him do a presentation at your school for your students and performers.
  Jonathan Deull: jonathan@jsdprojects.com
           or Delbert Hall: delbert@d2flying.com

Set-up is only about 20 minutes, even less once you get good at it.
   For a quad rig, usually fairly strong 2 people to lift, one not so strong to insert a leg section.

Great for Single, Double Trapeze, Fabric, Lyra, Corde Lisse, Limited Spanish Web etc. 
         NOT for SWINGING trapeze, see following note. Moderate swinging activities are possible as long as the swing does NOT go beyond the legs. The rig can be guyed out using just 2 cables and then will allow for a little more swinging.

Aerial Dance Performers:
This might be your solution to places where you can't  use tie down guy wires.
Can be set up to various height by just choosing which and how many leg segments to use.
Header is set up to allow for single point suspension like fabric, and 2 point suspension like a trapeze bar.
The header also has hookup points for safety lines & pulleys,  and for equipment hoisting cables and pulleys.

Aerial Yoga:
This rig when set up at 11.5ft and with 6ft header allows you to have 2 participants on a rig at same time.
Great for setting up in a park, giving your aerial Yoga classes exposure to the public.
One thought, buy a 21 ft rig for aerials, with an extra header and extra feet. Then you can use the legs from the 21 ft rig with the extra header and feet to set up 2 low rigs for aerial YOGA.

History and INTENT of my rigs.
When I first started making rigs ( about 2001 ) there were very few if any portable rigs available.
The ones that were available were very expensive and cost unjustifiable to the average performer,
or for someone just wanting a rig to practice on.
These other rigs were made by Bobby Bates and Trevor. Both make outstanding rigs and I often refer them
to people for whom my rigs are not the right ones for their application.

My intent was to make a low cost simple rig for the average aerial enthusiast.
No frills, no exotic materials.
And can be carried in cars and pick-up trucks. See photo bellow.

Since then , it turns out, many professional performers and performing troupes have started using and preferred my rigs after all.
Because of that, I have changed my designs a little bit to accommodate this with nicer paint jobs, and a few misc. features.

The  Quad (4 leg) design vs. a Tripod (3 leg) ,
On the Quad, the user of a single or double trap does not wind up with having one rig leg
right in front of or behind them as is with the tripod, preventing even the smallest of swings.
With the quad, you wind up with 2 legs to one side and 2 legs on other side of you.

                 A TRIPOD consideration . 
Since a TRIPOD only has 3 legs vs. 4 legs,
it can only handle a weight load of 3/4 that of a QUAD rig.
Benefits of Tri-Pod, less parts to transport and much easier set-up.

Cons:A tripod comes to a relative narrow point at top, about 1 ft across.
This means that as you work high up in the rigs the legs get close together and can interfere with the performance.
Therefore you would tend to have to do you maneuvers several feet below the top, meaning you
might need to get a slightly taller rig for the same performing height as a quad.
Some tripods have large triangular headers to avoid this, but that results in difficulty transporting the tripod header.



Small, easy to transport, longest piece is only 6ft 5inch.   click photo for larger view

Entire QUAD rig inside a Subaru Forester or full quad rig, still in shipping boxes, in a Mini Cooper.
Not any space left for a passenger in the MINI, but they got it in there for transporting it home.
Click on photo for a larger view

Switching out apparatus suggestions.

Pulley Systems info., how to set one up and  special precautions

Packing suggestions.

Load testing

See copy of set up manual: 
click here: Set-up Manual.
MUST READ, before you even order.
          for Foreword, Disclaimers and Warnings.
         This has many photos and should answer most questions.

Aerials and the use of aerial rigging is an extremely hazardous activity.
The activity of aerial sports as trapeze, web, fabric, hoop etc. is a thrill seeking,  daredevil type of activity.
It is extremely hazardous and should be approached with this in mind.
When doing these activities you are willfully risking life & limb.
The use of, and the erection and lowering/disassembly of a rig is a very dangerous activity as well.
The manufacture cannot determine how the equipment will be used or abused, mis-used or proper set up proceedures followed, or proceedures missed such as forgeting to tighten bolts/screws

Therefore: Damnhot, Ludwig Goppenhammer and the manufacturer takes
no responsibility for safety of this equipment.
The USER (you) , knowing the  extreme nature of this endeavor,  assumes all responsibility.
If the user is not willing to assume the risks associated with this sport and activity and any high risk activity,  then the user should not engage in the sport and the use of this or any aerial equipment, and should find a more benign activity to participate in. 

NEVER, EVER tie aerial fabric to the upright legs of a free standing rig for storage or to get it out of the way,  when rig is set up outdoors where wind is possible.
The fabric turns into a big sail and will easily tip the rig over, possibly
on spectators or bystanders.
Not funny, has actually happened to someone with the old heavy rig. That fabric puts out a LOT of power in the wind.
If you must store the fabric on rig momentarily then twist fabric tight, wrap around leg and secure so wind can't catch it.

Even this way is dangerous if enough wind comes.
This is where Pulley Systems come in handy.


You are purchasing from  "VVOLFY Metal Works LLC" company,
 ( NOTE, that is two 'V's "V V'" not a 'W')
Tim at 703-835-7155
Payments made through PayPal, Account is e-mail addr. VVolfymetalworks@gmail.com
 You can also contact Ludwig at   ludwig @ damnhot.com  303-880-0181

Our Commitment to Privacy:
Our Privacy Policy was developed as an extension of our commitment to combine the highest-quality products and services with the highest level of integrity in dealing with our clients and partners. The Policy is designed to assist you in understanding how we collect, use and safeguard the personal information you provide to us and to assist you in making informed decisions when using our site and our products. Your e-mail address, Phone number will NOT be sold to anyone.
On occasion a potential customer might ask to speak to someone that has a product or might want to go see a rig set up, if they are in your area.. I might get them in contact with you.

If you are not completely satisfied with your Aerial rig or apparatus from
"Ludwig Aerial Rigging LLC",
Due to defect or workmanship, you may return it within thirty (30) days of receipt for a full refund,  less shipping and handling. Product must be in its original condition, with original packing materials, boxed (with ample filler) and shipped freight prepaid. Please include proof of purchase and reason for return.
A Return Authorization Number must accompany all returns.

Outside USA
I do not wish to ship outside of USA
Shipping to Alaska and Hawaii is more than DOUBLE of shipping to
New England area.
                    Need to get special shipping quote.
I might suggest you check out the freestanding rig manufactured in France at
Unicycle & Circus arts.
Self-standing frame for trapeze
They also sell many different types of Circus  Aerials Equipment
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